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Stag stako stargas stefanelli step ta tartarini teleflex tomasetto. Parduodu naujus vidinius toroidinius vietoje atsarginio rato duju balionus nuo 30 eursertifikatas galioja 5 metus 630200 44l 630220 48l 650220 52l 630250 56l multivoztuvus omb ir tomasetto komplekta sudaro multivoztuvas. Buy tomasetto achille rmat3800 at12 250hp cng methane reducer. Ac stag300 isa2 6 cylinder kit vogler gpl gas shop. Stag 300 minimized microprocessor sequential injection controller stag4 is the newest technological construction based on renowned and reliable controller stag300. Constructed of high quality maple wood and a rosewood fingerboard, this guitar features the classic jazz style bridge configuration. Dear customer, as of 25 may 2018, the regulation eu of the european parliament and of the council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, referred to as the gdpr, will come into force. Info instalatie gpl tomasetto service auto galati killtec. Interfata gpl tomasetto stag 200, 300, milano, easyfas, fastcom, agc. The software change is dictated by the need to maintain compatibility with functional and technological changes introduced in the q generation product line. Stag 4 software is equipped with manual settings correction option, depending on the temperature of the injected gas as well as injector warm up option.

Ac sa uses the socalled plugins of social networks, such as facebook and linkedin. Stag4 software is equipped with manual settings correction option, depending on the temperature of the. Tomasetto achille spa quality components for lpg and cng. Autogas and lpg conversions systems, parts and tanks for campervans, campers, motorhomes. Stagg jazz style semiacoustic model electric guitar is a perfect choice for any level of musician. Ac stag200, stag4 plus, stag4 eco, stag300 isa2, stag300 premium user guide v. Stag300 isa2 premium is a new generation controller equipped with smart.

The filler comes without adaptors, the internal thread is m10x1. Crd performance previously f1 automotive have been installing most makes of lpg systems for over 15 years now and honestly believe that considering the development work weve been involved in and number of different kit makes weve tested, some good, some not so good, then our opinion on choosing the best make of system. New this premium ccylinder cng conversion kit is highlighted by its upgrade to the intelligent isa2 ecu and the use of two tomasetto achille reducers regulators. Stag 4 qbox basic stag 4 plus stag 300 isa2 stag 300 premium is a new generation controller equipped with smart selfadaptation system isa.

Stag 300 isa 300 premium tomasetto instalatie gpl premium. Hier finden sie multivetile des herstellers tomasetto achille, omb, emer. Currently, every second converted vehicle in poland uses stag autogas. Ac stag lpg autogas kits, controllers, reducers and accessories. How to connect to diagnostics port of ac stag gas controllers. Lpg reducers model at07 reducer for traditional systems with integrated inlet filter tomasetto lpg pressure reducer, model at07, is a two stages electronic reducer, suitable for traditional carburated systems. Lovato, brc, zavoli, fobos, tamona, progas, egas, europe gas, ac stag, landi renzo, megajet, agr, atiker.

Lpg ventile autogas profit gmbh gasteile lpg teile. New this premium 6cylinder cng conversion kit is highlighted by the updated intelligent isa2 ecu and the tomasetto achille reducers. Tomasetto achille designs and manufactures pressure reducers for lpg automotive systems, both sequential and traditional, calibrated for different engines and suitable for different climatic conditions. Ofertamonteaza instalatia gpl tomasetto stag 4 plusstag4 qbox cu butelie toroidala cu 2.

Ac stag300 isa2 4 cylinder kit vogler gpl gas shop. Miniaturized microprocessor sequential gas injection controller stag 4 plus has evolved from the tried, tested and reliable system stag 300 plus. Ac stag3008 isa2 8 cylinder ecu controller kit lpg autogas propane wiring. Pressure regulators free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The modernized controller is fitted with updated software with an additional 3d graphical map, which allows the precise control of gas injection, depending on the rotational speed of the engine. Cng kit 5230 main outer ring road, badli extn, near ganesh dharam kanta, new delhi 110042 rated 5 based on 2. Ako ti je receno lr ili omegas onda je to lr ili omegas.

What topics are you interested in regarding the selected product range above. Technical information promotions new assortments new services. Duju iranga stag siuo metu yra viena patikimiausiu ir populiariausiu tiek lietuvoje, tiek lenkijoje. If you dont plan running automotive businesses and just curious to play with diagnostics software once or twice is not worth to buy a special cable for about 30 usd. Ac stag 300 isa2 4 cylinders spare ecu controller lpg cng computer exchange. Our team performed organizations of more than 300 exhibitions across 4. Controlerul este compatibil cu software ul acgassynchro. Ta itakojo ilagalaike gamintojo patirtis, demesys gamybos kokybei, naujausiu technologiju ir programavimo algoritmu panaudojimas. Instalatii gpl auto italia tomasetto, marini, brc import, distributie, service montaj instalatii gaz carbutator, pentru autoturisme cu injectie fara sonda lambda, pt euro2, euro3, euro4, instalatie gpl secventiala logan. Minimized microprocessor sequential injection controller stag 4 is the newest technological construction based on renowned and reliable controller stag 300. Stagg a300 jazz semiacoustic electric guitar white.

Acgassynchro software can be downloaded free, but you need cableadapter to connect usb port of a computer to this special socket. Gpl tomasetto stag 4 qbox noua injectoare valtek ac garantie 2020. Quality components for lpg and cng automotive systems. Stag qbox basicplus, stag qmax basicplus, stag 400 dpi, tap03 0201, stag diesel. Stag, lpgtech, kme, stako, prins, brc, jlm, tytangas tomasetto and many more. Reducer for sequential injection systems with integrated filter. Such plugins are normally disabled on our website, meaning that they do not send any data to social networks without your participation. Stag 300 premium easily communicates with every obd ii and eobd auto systems not only can by the stag obd adapter which aside. U perfekt deals with assembly and sale of automotive gas installations and parts we sell stationary in poland and online the world, we offer products such brands as.

Adapter software usb wireless bluetooth obd ii diagnose. Lpg shop tugra makina ac stag gzwm tomasetto brc impco. Since 1982 tomasetto achille produces quality mechanical components for lpg and. Tomasetto achille spa quality components for lpg and cng automotive systems. Ac sa yra lenkijos lyderis, gaminantis automobiliniu duju iranga stag 4, stag 300, stag q. Tomasetto achille spa via del progresso, 4753 36020 castegnero vicenza italia. Stag 300, stag 300 plus stag 300 premium stag 4 stag xl vector qbox. Ac stag 300 isa2 8 cylinder ecu controller lpg shop. Info instalatie gpl tomasetto service auto galati, service gpl, instalatii auto service, service roti killtec solutii tehnice. Stag200, stag4, stag300 plus, stag300 premium controller. Instalatii gpl dedicata dacia logan ii 2020 tomasetto stag euro 6. Jan 11, 2016 tomasetto stag 300 isa2, stag 300 isa2, stag 300 premium, tomasetto stag 300 premium, stag 300 hana 2000, cea mai buna instalatie gpl stag, cea mai fiabila instalatie gpl stag, stag 300 vs zenitm pro, stag 300 premium vs brc, stag 300 vs fratelli, stag 300 isa2 vs landirenzo. Ac stag 300 qmax plus 8 cylinders car conversion kit. Installation instructions circuit diagrams downloads.

Download the latest version of ac stag software free. The use of plugins is possible only after activating them with a click of the mouse. This isa is a new generation controller, based on proven and ugraded technology from its. Tomasetto lpg pressure reducer, model at09, is an electronic single stage reducer, suitable for sequential injection systems. System constantly monitors short and long term stft and ltft corrections. Ac stag is a high quality polish autogas conversion system, suitable for a wide range of automobiles. Tomasetto achille is one of the leading companies in the world who design and manufacturing mechanical. Please note that the software on this website is not a property of lpg shop and lpg shop can not take responsibility for any problems caused by use of that software. Mar 18, 2012 prima firma oferta tomasetto in 2 variante 1. Workshops incorporated within stag authorized service points are required to obey. Stag 200 gofast, stag 300, stag 300 plus, stag 300 premium, stag 4 eco, stag xl, vector, isa2, isa3, qbox, qnext, qmax and newest. The software also has the function of releasing the gas pressure during the.

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