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Siniat drywall is a lightweight non demountable partition. These products should not be used in design or construction without an independent evaluation by a qualified engineer or architect to verify the suitability. Describes complete line of construction products, including sheetrock brand gypsum panels and imperial brand gypsum base for drywall and veneer plaster construction, sheathing and ceilings. Set 63,5mm studs spaced at 600mm intervals into 65mm track at floor and ceiling. Typical wall assembly details photographs below are headof wall joints using chemical fireresistive sealants and are courtesy of specified technologies inc. Dry wall partition system is made of durable galvanized steel, clad with gypsum boards sheets.

Easy to install, saves time and money, gypsum boards can be used as a backing for wall treatments such as wall paper, fabric, title and wood paneling or it can simply be painted. Deflection heads are used within gypwall metal studshaftwall partitions when needing to allow for movement up, down or both within the structure at the head of a partition. Wcd1 details for conventional wood frame construction. Our systems are nonloadbearing and constructed using modern, drylining techniques. Sliptrack systems awci association of the wall and.

The modular unit installation of partition wall systems, the contents of which you will get familiarized with now is a part of a module technology of interior drywall systems. Download free, highquality cad drawings, blocks and details of gypsum board organized by masterformat. However, by detailing the conditions, you create a basis for requiring the level of detail that the project should receive. Consult annex 1 pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 for appropriate stud selection relative to partition heights. An interior drywall system allows users to erect light partition walls flat and arc shaped.

The partition system below needs to accommodate this. All stated details and properties are in compliance with the regulations of the. So basically a firewall creates separate independent buildings. Welcome to our drywall manual, a comprehensive guide containing all of the technical information you need to specify the best and most appropriate drylining product or system. All floorceiling and roofceiling systems were tested with. Data sheet simplecurve and knurled angle molding kam data sheet 6 dgs cross tees. Structureborne sound travels through wall partitions, ceilings and floorceiling assemblies. Acoustic sealant, corner beads, joint tapes, jointing compound and topping compound are common. Knauf metal stud partition single metal stud frame, doublelayer cladding. Preengineered drywall ceiling suspension system that is three times faster to install than traditional track and channel framing.

Head of wall firestop system firestop sealant, double top track. This detail is suggested to specify the configuration, construction and materials required for the drywall construction conditions. Therefore, the details in this document are not intended to be bare minimums. Head of wall firestop systemjoint forming profile and elastomeric spray firestop. When documentation is available to show that the wall was tested with the least fireresistive side exposed to the test fire, the wall need not be subjected to tests from the opposite side and a fire side is not specified. Drywall and ceiling profiles partitioning solutions. Gypsum construction guide national gypsum products for all your building needs your national gypsum company gypsum construction guide has been carefully developed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the entire range of national gypsum products. Details of suspended ceiling system with gypsum plaster ceiling board and gypsum ceiling board suspended ceiling for offices, meeting rooms and showrooms. Gyproc metal framed partitions and walls can be used in all types of. An interior drywall system allows users to erect light partition walls flat and arcshaped. Compared with wooden partition, gypsum partition can provide a safer and fire resistive wall. Dry wall partition system is a good combination of traditional and new building method and it is the fastest way to refurbish existing walls. A drywall is a high performance lightweight interior wall system consisting of a gi steel frame, encased in gypsum plasterboards on either side attached with selfdrilling drywall screws.

When heights greater than standard precut lengths are. General specification for drywall partitions and lightweight internal walls second edition june 2004 administered by p o box 7861, halfway house, 1685. Penetrations through rated wall and floor assemblies. Quickly and simply constructed from highquality knauf components, our partitions are guaranteed to perform. Siniat drywall is a lightweight nondemountable partition. This movement or deflection is created by live and dead loads on the floor or roof above. The higher the decibel level, the greater the volume. To be read in conjunction with system specific details. Soundrated partitions and floorceiling construction in accordance with section 1207. Americans with disabilities act ada bim object downloads. Reduced ai is desirable for spaces such as open offices, where many people must work independently. A partition having an assembly of materials that will afford a given fire resistance rating expressed in hours to impede the spread of fire.

Apply a base layer of 12,5mm siniat firecheck plasterboard vertically to each side using 25mm drywall screws spaced at 220mm intervals. All floorceiling and roofceiling systems were tested with fire exposure on the ceiling side. From enabling you to design warm and safe home environments, to guiding you to meeting and exceeding. Fix a layer of 0,5mm galvanised steel sheeting using 25mm drywall. Marley partitioning solutions brochure marley building systems. The window, door, and wall penetration details are based on those prepared for c. Quickly and simply constructed from high quality knauf components, our partitions are designed to perform. Knauf drywall technical services can advise on any specific detail you are trying to achieve. Used for drywall partition, drywall studs and tracks are available in widths of 50, 64, 72, 75, 92, 100. Installation of partition wall systems students handbook skillsup.

Find out more and view our full range of systems online. The smallest of details such as the sealing of penetrations can have a large effect on the overall system performance. Drywall partition system high quality drywall partition. This presentation will focus interior fire rated assemblies such as firewalls, fire barriers and fire partitions. The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds. Volume the loudness of a soundhow much the amplitude of a sound wave exceeds the static pressure of the conducting mediumas measured in decibels db. The following notes shall be provided on the plans or in their contents delineated as details on the plans. Safety and hygiene at work during your stay in the workshop you must observe rules, regulations, safety and fire procedures related to the type of work performed. The following system is an example used to classify, organize and manage partition types within the bim model. The gypsum association fire resistance design manualis. The knauf range of drywall partitions is the result of decades of experience in developing, testing and supporting warranted systems that meet the needs of the modern building. A wall of firerated construction expressed in hours which serves to divide the floor area of a building into acceptable area limits as set forth in the code having jurisdiction. Autocad4 lead lined gyp bd partition model 1 author. The knauf range of drywall partitions is the result of decades of.

Gypsum boards are considered among the most economic and ideal way for wall partitioning. Corner detail single layer corner detail double layer 1 2 typical control joint 16 mm 12 mm 12 mm. Mullions and transoms, door frame to glazing details and to. Appropriate and failurefree performance of construction components. Also, beads, trims, framing, insulation, fasteners, adhesives, joint compounds, coatings, tapes, plaster finishes and textures. Please print this document by clicking the print icon in the web viewer. The components of drywall partitions and ceiling systems. Partitions 15082016 low res2 marley building systems. Exterior wall openings, header details with cripple studs 37 44. Partition systems our partition systems are the result of decades of experience in developing, testing and supporting warranted systems that meet the needs of the modern building. Enbs and din standards, to meet any client requirements.

Details of typical wall conditions in drywall construction are a good practice. The knauf range of drywall partitions is the result of decades of experience in. Gypwall classic and gypwall robust the definitive metal stud partition system. The details contained in this document are intended as a general guide for using steel stud manufacturers association ssma member products. The last procedure of drywall installation is the treatment to various types of joints, edges and corners. Partition wall systems highquality partition wall solutions for office, business and production premises osao, oulu 2 inlook partition wall systems. Inlook conference room modular sound insulated conference room glass front wall. Cmri would like to especially acknowledge masonry canada and the federal government department of western economic diversification for their contribution to.

Drywall grid system armstrong ceiling solutions commercial. Browse s of 2d cad drawings, specifications, brochures, and more. Drywalls can be used to partition any interior and are the preferred choice of. These details represent some of the most common design situations relevant to the knauf. How do i build a firerated partition where access is limited to one side only. The first approach to achieving a strong, durable struc ture, involving economical use of materials, is to follow a basic modular plan for layout and attachment of framing members. Wall with two layers of drywall opening preparation detail wall with single layer of drywall notes 1.

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